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In a world in which science has evolved so much, zombies have emerged as a product of human experimentation. The few survivors struggle to rid the planet of zombies. Here’s your chance to play the latest Unity 3D zombie games and show that you are a survivor. Unity zombie games have incorporate a new generation of 3D graphics. Have fun and play Unity 3D zombie games.

Wrath of Zombies

Wrath of Zombies

Wrath of Zombies is a cool and addictive online shoot’em up game. Your avatar is a brave police officer who finds himself in a zombie infested territory. His only chance of survival is to shoot all the undead monsters that attack him from all the corners. In order to do that he must use his speed and great aim in his advantage. Once a whole wave of zombies is killed, you can upgrade the skills and the weapons of your avatar in order to be ready for more challenging opponents. Play this fun shooter and save the world from the zombie apocalypse.

Zombudoy 2

Zombudoy 2

Zombudoy 2 is a great sidescrolling shooting game for those who enjoy a zombie action game. Christmas is over and the presents lie undisturbed under the tree, but all this peaceful atmosphere is about to change! The dangerous zombies are awake and are determined to steal the Christmas gifts. Your mission is to use any weapon available, starting with snowballs, to stop the zombies from ruining this Christmas. Do you think you are up for the challenge? Play this exciting fast-paced game and find out!


Zevil 2 The City Of Terror

Being a police officer is a little boy’s dream, but Zevil 2 The City Of Terror will show you a very dangerous aspect! In this online game, your avatar patrols the streets for a daily routine when he discovers something strange. The city he lives in is threatened by a zombie invasion. Take your gun and shoot every monster that stands in your way. Write your own end for the story and have fun with this great 2D Platform shooting game.


Endless Spell

Endless Spell is a fun and challenging defense unity game in which you are a powerful sorcerer with an important mission. Your task is to close the portals surrounding the tower before they completely open. Be careful because many monsters have already passed through those gates and they are all coming towards you! Use all your spell to get the job done and don’t let the terrifying creatures get near you! Play this online game and find out if you can handle the mission.


Forest of Death

Step into a shooting thriller with Forest of Death online Unity game. You will find yourself in a spooky place after your car has crashed while driving to reach your commander. In order to get out of there you have to search the woods for all the missing pieces of your car. Find them as fast as possible and avoid the contact with the undead creatures that inhabit the area. Enjoy this heart-pounding horror shooter and find out if you can complete your mission.


Combat 3

Log in with Combat 3 game online and show your abilities as a professional shooter! Select the platform you wish to play on and join players from Asia, Europe or America for a challenging and interactive demonstration of skills. With a gameplay similar to the well-known Conterstrike, this game is the perfect choice for those who are in search of action and a good online shooting game.


Earn to Die 2 Exodus

For those of you who enjoyed the Earn to Die online series, here comes a new game expansion with Earn to Die 2 Exodus. Bringing more challenges and improved graphics, this game is certainly a must-try for the lovers of fast-paced action, rough-terrain driving and zombie killing. Have fun while speeding up and eliminate all the zombies before they reach you with this cool online game.


Zombie Vacation

For new and challenging action against zombies, try the online unity game Zombie Vacation. When your plane crash-lands on a zombie infected exotic island you have but two options: kill or be killed. Fight and resist the incoming waves of monsters do your best to stay alive. Put your survival instincts to the test in this online unity shooting game.


Ultimate Mama’s Boy

Ultimate Mama’s Boy is a fun online shoot’em up game in which you will fight powerful waves consisting of terrible monsters such as ogres, beasts and aliens. As you collect more cash, you will be able to purchase new weapons and gear in order to be prepared for more powerful enemies. Once you reach level 5 you can duck down to dodge the attacks. Get ready for the challenge and play this shooting game online.


Earn to Die 2012 Part 2

If you enjoyed the first edition of this sidescrolling racing game, we offer you Earn to Die 2012 Part 2. With new upgrades and a more difficult gameplay, the fun is guaranteed and the challenges are most definitely increased. While earning money harder, you will have to focus on each mission and make the best out of every attempt. If you wish to experience the first and easier version, please try Earn to Die game online.