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Airplane games are, in general, a sub-genre of racing games and have the distinctive characteristic that they take place in the air and involve all kinds of aircrafts. Play the best unity airplane games and discover the third dimension of racing, where your vehicle can go right or left as well as up and down.

Helicrane 2 Bomber

Helicrane 2 Bomber

The army is again in need of your skills in Helicrane 2 Bomber online game! Accept the mission, get on board of an army chopper and start the chase! Follow the terrorist’s SUV and use your weapons to destroy it before reaching the target. Unlock new and more performant helicopters as you advance in the game. Check out the agility and armor level and choose the one that suits you best! Having the perfect combination will ease your task and lead you to certain victory! Enjoy this exciting and fun online action game.


Winged Crushers

Winged Crushers is an online game in which you will face an aviary invasion and your mission is to resist as long as possible. Evade your enemies or shoot them if the are in your range. Collect the glowing gems for more points and stay alive at all costs. Have fun and play the latest airplane Unity game Winged Crushers here at UnityGamesBox.


Aerial Warfare

Join an airplane adventure in the Aerial Warfare online unity game. Fight your enemies in a shoot’em up gameplay and collect points as you destroy their airships. Control your vehicle and evade the attacks while targeting your opponents. Be the best pilot in this challenging online unity game.


RC Jet Wars

RC Jet Wars is a cool unity airplane game in which you will control a miniature jet in search for trouble. With each new mission you will have to face a number of enemies that will try to take you down. Use your skills to guide your jet around the room and knock down your opponents. Have fun with this exciting unity game online.


Water Odyssey

Play Water Odyssey game and stay away from the meteorites and have fun! Starting the game in 2100 Water Odyssey is one of the best spaceship games. When playing each mission you have to pay attention to the meteorites and reach the next planet. Have fun and play the latest spaceship games only at UnityGamesBox!


3D Flight Sim

3D Flight Sim is a unity online game in which you will have the chance to fly a jet. Use the arrow keys to fly, A/D to roll left/right, W/S to pitch up/down, Q/E to rudder left/right, B to brake and I for ignition and experience the wonderful feeling of flying. Skillfully manage the controls so that your jet will take off and be careful not to crash it. Have fun with this free unity game.


Air Wars

Discover Air Wars, a unity game like no other! With just a mouse click, you will join a room and step into a capture the flag competition in which the well-known gameplay takes place into the air and you are in the cockpit of a high speed plane. Help your team to score points with each new flag captured and stop your opponents from reaching their base with your team’s flag. Choose the landscape you wish to play in and challenge your skills in this 3D unity game.


Killstorm Demo

Prepare for a special mission with the new unity game Killstorm Demo. As an army chopper pilot, your task is to explore the area and shut down the enemy airbase. Your main challenge is to destroy all aircraft and enemy units at the airbase. Make extra points by completing the optional tasks such as collecting all the packs or tear down the radio antennas. Use your mouse to move on the map and to shoot at your enemies. Accept the challenge and do your best to complete each mission of this online unity game.


Orange Jet Fighter

Join the air forces and be a part of the online defense team. Orange Jet Fighter is a unity game in which you have to protect a contested area from the hostile aircrafts that have been spotted scouting its surroundings. Fly to the coordinates of these hostilities and eliminate them. It is imperative to finish the mission as fast as possible since the area is of great strategic importance. Keep the hostilities away from the outposts, otherwise the entire operation will be jeopardized. Play this great unity simulator.


3D Jet Pilot Flight Simulator

3D Jet Pilot Flight Simulator is an online unity game in which you will flight a jet over different San Francisco locations. Your target is to go through the rings in the correct order to finish each level. Be careful not to crush them, otherwise your jet will explode and you will have to start over. Enjoy the panoramic view of this beautiful area and stay focused on your objective. See if you have what it takes to be a jet pilot with this unity game.