Category: Multiplayer

The multiplayer category is a selection of unity games that can be played by more players at the same time. Find here games that you can enjoy with a friend or chose those that will require you to join a server for more action and challenges. Discover how fun it is to interact with friends or gamers you don’t even know with the help of an online unity game. Test your skills in arcade, action, racing and even sports games and prove you are the best.

Bad Eggs Online 2

Bad Eggs Online 2

Do you remember the fun and challenging Lemmings game? Relive one of the best gaming experiences with Bad Eggs Online 2! Step into the online world of warrior eggs and test your skills and strategies against other players worldwide. For the rookies, there is always the possibility of training and learning more about the gameplay and the characters. Find out what abilities and weapons best suit your style and get ready to try them into the real world! Enjoy this intense online action game and become the best online player!



Manamancers is a challenging online multiplayer thinking game. Play a Match 3 game like you’ve never played before! Manamancers is fun, online, multiplayer and…available for free! Drag and match 3 or more gems in a line or row. Gather mana and attack your opponent using the damage points. This game type has never been more fun! Try it now and enjoy!


8 Ball Pool Multiplayer

8 Ball Pool Multiplayer is the best online game for the lovers of billiards and snooker. This game offers you a great playing experience, realistic scenarios and also the chance to play against people from all over the world. Create an account and unlock the fun features. You can play against your friends, take part in online tournaments, enjoy 150 challenging levels and even customize your cue exactly the way you want it. Have fun with this cool pool game online!


Dragons of Atlantis

Dragons of Atlantis is an epic online adventure game in which you will assume the role of the savior of a great empire. The powerful civilization is in danger and your mission is to save it from disaster. Search for the dragons to help your tribe in this battle for survival. Choose your avatar according to your gaming tactics and start the adventure. Whether you wish to become a Master of Science, a courageous Female Warrior, a fierce barbarian or a cunning trickster, the way to success is filled with many dangerous. Join the fun and play this exciting online management game.


Thumb Fighter

Thumb Fighter is a fun and challenging online multiplayer fighting game. Join the most awesome fight and pick the best character that will lead you to victory. It takes only one key to play this game, but the trick is to be quick and to press it at the perfect moment. With so many fun characters ranging from Super Mario to Diana the Wonderwoman, Batman or even Marylin Monroe and Che Guevara, the game becomes even more exciting and also amusing. Have fun and enjoy this great online challenge.


Monster Escape

Platformers have been a beloved game type since the first arcades and even now people enjoy a fun and challenging 2D Platform experience. Monster Escape brings even more than the basic gameplay with the introduction of 2 avatars that have to be controlled, making it both a single and multiplayer online game. Each avatar has its unique characteristics, which makes the duo dependable on one another. Collect the stars and finish each level as fast as possible, without killing either of your fluffy aliens. Have fun and enjoy this exciting and challenging game online.


Super Star Soccer

Join the team and play with your favorite Cartoon Network characters in Super Star Soccer Unity game online. Choose the duo that you like best and start the Super Star championship. Your mission is to win each game and move on to the next opponent. Discover the importance of team play and enjoy every victory! You can even choose the multiplayer mode and challenge a friend to play against you. Have fun with this cool sports game online!


Air Hokey 3D

If you are looking for a fun and challenging game to pass your time, play now Unity’s Air Hokey 3D. With both a single player mode, and also a multiplayer option for you to enjoy with a friend, this game delivers the excitement and competitively from the real-size entertaining game. So get ready to test your skills and have some fun with this online unity sports game.


Gun Mayhem 2: More Mayhem

Get your weapons and prepare for a challenging shooting game with Gun Mayhem 2 – More Mayhem. Play the campaign mode, the custom game or different challenges and upgrade your character as you complete tasks and destroy enemies. Go to the weapons library and by new gear to help you finish your missions. Have fun with this online game.


Red Crucible 3 Firestorm

For the ultimate online shooting experience try the Red Crucible 3 Firestorm game and get ready for some action in a thrilling shooter. Just pick the server you want to join and wait to be transported in the middle of events. Shoot all your enemies, collect more powerful weapons and prove your skills as an online gamer. With a gameplay similar to Counterstrike and great 3D graphics, this unity game is sure to suit your taste.